Brett’s 1972 Blazer

In 2009 Brett Alworth met up with Curt Hill to embark on a 2 year journey of automotive art.  The unlikely subject of this project was a homely 1972 Blazer.  Curt and Brett decided that the truck would look stock-ish at first glance.

Underneath, however, the Blazer would be a testament to suspension technology.  Instead of bagging the truck, they decided to build the chassis around a coil-over system that Curt designed.  The truck is low–all the time.  To accomplish this many changes occurred to improve the substandard frame. All cross members were removed to get the low stance Hill’s is famous for.  It rides well and handles like a sportscar.

Curt used his innovative “Super Slammed” front and rear wheel wells to allow for the drop and still maintain perfect steering geometry.  The potent small block kicks out 495 horsepower and 510 lb/ft of torque.

The paint scheme and trim are both factory looking, although the Blazers were never made with the upper molding. Eric Reyes ( did the rendering and Curt and Brian executed on that vision.

Brian Jennings (Jennings Kustom Restoration) did the bodywork and paint, including fully detailing the fiberglass top inside and out.  Eric Reyes stepped in again to hand-paint the badge on the air cleaner.

Brett’s Blazer was debuted at the Grand National Roadster Show and handily won its class.  A follow-up victory at the Sacramento Autorama proved that this truck is no joke.  At the Good Guys March show, Brett’s truck collected the Meguire’s Magnificent Masterpiece and Award of Excellence.