Speed Nymph Bonneville Streamliner

Dennis Varni’s World Record Holding Bonneville Streamliner is an exercise in coolness. In 2011 it set a new record at 330.874. Dennis assembled an amazing team of builders, including our own Curt Hill to create a one-of-a-kind streamliner.

Curt was responsible for much of the stainless steel work on the car, including the exhaust tips, vents and many small parts.  He helped to fit the 1300HP Ryan Falconer Racing Engines L6, 259cid twin turbocharged monster into the small space between the frame and body.  Curt also built frame stiffeners to help keep the streamliner from flexing at 300+. Curt also wired the streamliner with weather pack connectors to keep the salt from destroying connections.

For more info on the Speed Nymph car and team, check them out HERE


Stainless work, frame stiffeners, exhaust tips, stainless vents, wiring, assembly, support crew at the salt.