Studebaker Woody Madness!

Here is a sneak peak at a customer’s Studebaker project.  This car was professionally designed and started, but the project stalled and the car went up for auction.  Our customer picked it up and brought it over for finishing.

The Chassis was a mess, so rather than start over from scratch, we decided to go with a Hill’s spec’d chassis from Art Morrison.  After hanging the body on the frame, we got to work on the floors.  From there, the custom intake was tweaked for the 390 FE engine.  Note that this crazy induction system was on a Hot Rod cover back in the 1959 and found it’s way to our customer’s car.  It should prove pretty interesting to drive; we’ll have more on the engine later.

Other custom fabrication has included our own exhaust system, custom headers and hand fabricated transmission tunnel, stock surge tank with custom water lines to incorporate thermostate and cooling system and much more.